Chiropractors regularly seek out our help because of our ability to help them generate 15-60 new patients per month, depending on their objectives.

One of our principles is to educate our clients. So in the process of speaking with many chiropractors, we have found three common mistakes they are making that hurt their marketing efforts:

1. Trying to market to everybody – according to the American Chiropractic Association, 30% of Americans suffer from back pain. Of course chiropractors can treat more than just back pain, but even if we just consider this one ailment, the average chiropractor can help 1/3 of the people he meets. Consequently there is a temptation to market to everybody who could use chiropractic help. The problem with marketing to everybody at once – young, old, white collar, blue collar, athlete, overweight – is that by marketing to everybody you become relevant to nobody.  It is vital to choose a niche that is small enough for your messaging to be highly relevant to your audience… yet big enough to provide you the clients you need to expand your practice.

2. Advertising like a big business – big businesses engage in what is called “brand awareness marketing.” That means the purpose of their ads is to make you aware of their brand, associate positive emotions with it, and think of it some time down the road when you are making a purchasing decision. Because they spend millions of dollars on marketing, big businesses can afford to blanket entire regions, or the entire country, with this form of advertising. For small business owners like chiropractors, “building brand awareness” is the wrong path to take. You simply don’t have the budget to spend a fortune saturating your market, waiting for people to “some day” remember you. You need people to take action now. That means you need direct action marketing, marketing designed to get people to make a decision such as opt in to your list or have a free consultation – NOW!

3. Using traditional websites – we all need to have traditional websites like this one. That doesn’t mean you should use a website like this in your paid marketing campaigns. Why? Because as I mentioned in mistake #2 above, chiropractors need people to take action now, not later. A traditional website, with its many pictures, pages, text modules, and possibly videos, presents people with so many things to do that they become less likely to take the one action you really want. That’s not to deny the value of a website like this one, of course. I simply mean to point out that if you are using paid traffic, you need to have a specific action in mind that you want people to take, and you need a landing page designed to convince them to take that action.

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