Our very own Claire interviewed Reputation Elevation client Cristina Cordeiro, BCBA, about her experience with our marketing services.

ABA is a form of therapy used to treat children and young adults with autism.

In the interview, Cristina discusses how she went from receiving one or two referrals per month, to over 40, using our services.

Here’s the video:



Claire: Hi, my name is Claire from Reputation Elevation and I am here with one of our current clients, Cristina with Dream Big Center in the Los Angeles area. We have Cristina here with us today just to hear about her experience working with us, and what’s been happening in her business since she started working with us.

Hi how are you doing today?

Cristina: Hi, I’m doing great, thanks

Claire: Great, so first let’s start off with how did you hear about us? How did you even get in contact with best reputation elevation in the first place?

Cristina: Yes, I saw a Facebook ad and it said something about growing your ABA business and I was intrigued, you know I followed the links and clicked on it and I got an email with a case study and read through the emails and I thought it sounded great, I was a little skeptical but I thought hey why not like just give it a try and see what it’s all about, and so I had a phone call with Reece and he told me about what it was all about and that it would be involved Facebook Ads. And I had used Facebook ads in the past and I thought well that would be good and Reece seemed very knowledgeable in what he was talking about with the Facebook ads and so I thought that would be a great thing to pursue.

Claire: And where was like, what was your business like at the time like how many clients you have, or what did your business look like on a day-to-day basis

Cristina: So, when we initially started, we were getting a lot of referrals from an insurance company and at some point along the line that the insurance company changed their policies and stopped making direct referrals, so we had to actually go out and find our clients and that was a big changing point for us. It was no longer given to us our referrals, we had to actually go out and look for them and so we had seen a decline in new clients, and we were probably getting me one or two per month or less, and so that’s why I was really looking for Reece because we needed to really increase our numbers in order to just maintain where we were as a business.

Claire: Okay, so before you started you were feeling a little bit as you mentioned like a little bit apprehensive as you weren’t sure, but because you know you didn’t have a way, you’re going to clients anymore so it was like worth taking this risk so to speak because you needed to.

Cristina: Right so initially I thought well you know I’ve done Facebook ads in the past I can do it again and so I actually tried it to do it on my own for a little bit.

Claire: How’d that go?

Cristina: Yes, I did it for about two months on my own and I didn’t get any clients back from that, and I was like okay… this isn’t working on my own… maybe I should give Reece a try and I’m glad I did it changed everything, from the first day that he started with ads we got referrals immediately, so it’s been great.

Claire: Yeah tell me a little bit more about that happen once you start using our service… and yeah.

Cristina: So, from day one, we were getting tons of responses from our Facebook ad.

Claire: The first day you started advertising?

Cristina: Yeah, the first day, the first day immediately we started getting people submitting their information and we had set up a really cool text automation, so they would get an immediate text response and so that really helped us to follow up with people. So, we immediately the first day and then in the first weeks got about 10 or 20 referrals a day initially. It was a lot

Yes, it was a huge increase and I’ve never seen any honestly never seen anything like it before. After, you know attending conferences to do a lot of like going to events or I even did radio once and didn’t really help but this has been the best by far.

Claire: Wow that’s amazing! What does that look like for you? Like how much is your business grown numbers-wise?

Cristina: Yeah, so we went like I said from get we initially had maybe one or two new referrals a month to having probably about 30 to 40 like pending, and maybe out of those 30 to 40 that actually turned into clients. We would have about five six a month. Our number of hours per month increased a lot, revenue also increased a lot from this, so yeah it’s been great.

Claire: And you started to employ new employees…

Cristina: Yeah, so our new issue is that we need to bring in employees as fast as we’re bringing in clients because we’ve gotten so many new clients and now, we need to look for more great qualified therapists.

Claire: That must be a good feeling!

Cristina: Yes, we are reaching our goals and meeting our goals and in time, so we’re really happy about that

Claire: Yeah, so speaking about goals, what are your goals going forward, what you have in mind ready to your business going in the future?

Cristina: So, we are expanding into some other locations and we’re actually opening a new center in the next few months and then we’re just expanding our geographic location, so we’re reaching more clients and we’re also focusing on reaching more the people in our communities that we currently serve.

Claire: Wow we are so excited to hear about how much your business has promoted. We’re so excited see where your business is going to go within tne months or a year, and thank you so much for taking your time to share your experiences with us.

Cristina: Thank you and so happy that we found you guys and we’re so grateful for everything that you guys have done for us, so thank you.

Claire: Pleasure, that’s what we like to see.