Did you ever hear a statement like this?: “You need a professional degree or license to be successful.”

It’s just not true.

You do not need permission from any academic or professional institution to be successful.

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A degree or license is merely recognition given to a person that he has already been successful at something (or so the licensors and academies hope).

Take a law school graduate. Law students put a tremendous amount of effort in their studies for three years. They prioritize effectively, work hard, and stay the course. That’s what makes them successful, not the degree at the end.

If you were to spend the next 3 years committing the best of your efforts towards a goal, and you took on 6 figures in debt to do it, would you be successful? I’d say you’d have at least as good a chance of being successful as the average law student, because that’s what law students do that makes them successful.

Success is a product of your integrity, beliefs, commitment and work ethic. It is not a product of external recognition. The recognition comes after you have already made yourself successful.

A lot of people will read this and agree with it. “Of course, everyone knows that.”

But deep down, do you believe it?

Or are you waiting for someone to give you permission to be successful?

The successful people are the ones that didn’t wait.

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