In 2014, retargeting technology became available to small businesses. Once the domain of large corporations only, all of a sudden entrepreneurs could get in on the action, too.

There were two companies vying for dominance in the space: Perfect Audience and Adroll.

I contacted everybody I could think to contact about the new opportunity, and enrolled an acquaintance from my college days into my program. We set up a campaign in Perfect Audience.

That campaign would run for two years, and generate $418,000 in conversions.

The incredible thing about this campaign is that we only spent $7,132.39 to achieve these results! That’s $59 in revenue for every $1 in advertising.

Now, in the screenshots below you’ll see over $1,000,000 in conversions. For technical reasons, I don’t want to include those in my official count. 

Below you can see, circled in red, our true sales conversions.

Here, you can see total ad spend and the dates for the campaign:

All good things come to an end. Today, in 2017, I don’t consider Perfect Audience the best retargeting platform for most of my clients.

I have moved most of my retargeting over to Facebook Ads, because Facebook gives us an incredible range of creative options. We can use videos, slideshows, “image carousels,” form ads, and more.

Still, the results of the Perfect Audience campaign show the incredible difference retargeting can make… for a very small price.