Case Studies

Over the years, we have compiled a wide range of case studies helping our clients increase their revenue with digital marketing services. From healthcare, to finance, to e-commerce, and beyond, you’ll find an exciting range of case studies to peruse. Enjoy!

Dream Big Children’s Center

Dream Big Children’s Services is an applied behavioral analysis therapy clinic in Monrovia, a suburb of Los Angeles. When the company sought out our help in early 2018, new competitors had been eating away at the number of insurance network referrals being sent their way. Dream Big Children’s Services needed a way to generate new patients on demand.

To fix Dream Big Children’s Services’ problem, we implemented a Facebook Ads campaign designed to generate sales leads by offering free consultations.

The strategy worked remarkably well, with the clinic enrolling new patients within a few weeks of the launch.

Later, the clinic used our service to start a new daycare program in which children with autism receive applied behavioral analysis services. We used Facebook Ads to get parents to attend an open house, as well as to schedule calls about the program. The service helped Dream Big Children’s Services fill half of the spots available in the program in a very short period of time, assuring that it would be able to open for the fall semester.

Eventually, the clinic asked us to help them locate high quality job applicants using Facebook Ads. We were able to generate the first job application within two hours of launching the ads.

Below is an interview with the director of Dream Big Children’s Center, Cristina Cordeiro, sharing her experience with Reputation Elevation in her own words.

 E-commerce Store

In 2014, retargeting technology became available to small businesses. Once the domain of large corporations only, all of a sudden entrepreneurs could get in on the action, too.

There were two companies vying for dominance in the space: Perfect Audience and Adroll.

I contacted everybody I could think to contact about the new opportunity, and enrolled an acquaintance from my college days into my program.

We set up a campaign in Perfect Audience. That campaign would run for two years, and generate $418,000 in conversions.

The incredible thing about this campaign is that we only spent $7,132.39 to achieve these results! That’s $59 in revenue for every $1 in advertising.

Now, in the screenshots below you’ll see over $1,000,000 in conversions. For technical reasons, I don’t want to include those in my official count.

Below you can see, circled in red, our true sales conversions.

Here, you can see total ad spend and the dates for the campaign:

All good things come to an end. Today, in 2017, I don’t consider Perfect Audience the best retargeting platform for most of my clients.

I have moved most of my retargeting over to Facebook Ads, because Facebook gives us an incredible range of creative options. We can use videos, slideshows, “image carousels,” form ads, and more.

Still, the results of the Perfect Audience campaign show the incredible difference retargeting can make… for a very small price.

ABA Clinic – New Jersey

We were approach by an applied behavioral analysis clinic for a marketing project in 2016. The client serves children with autism and wanted to increase the size of its business. Over the course of six months, we helped the clinic go from approximately $250,000 in revenue per year to over $936,000 per year.

Over the course of about 6 months, we generated 461 free consultation leads for an average of $18.81 each. There were a number of different campaigns we ran in the account, but here you can see the biggest and most important ones:

These leads are people requesting a consultation with the clinic, and providing their name, email, and phone number to the clinic so they can get in touch.

By diligently following up with each prospect, doing quick free consultations, and following the sales strategy that we taught the client, they were able to generate over $936,000 in revenue. That’s $107.58 in revenue for every $1 invested in Facebook Ads.

Now, this may sound too good to be true. And in fact, there are a few catches. The clinic put a significant amount of effort into following up with prospects and making sales. They also had to hire a lot of new staff to service their new patients. Also, the client enjoys unusually high revenue per patient- it doesn’t take as many patients reach $936,000 for them as it would for other kinds of clinics.

In fact, we ran a separate Facebook Ads campaign to find new therapy staff for the clinic. We generated 349 ABA therapist job applications for an average of $12.73 each:

The final catch, and this is a big one, is that whenever you do lead generation, there are always leads that are not qualified. It doesn’t really matter what you do- not everybody is your perfect match. That means that if you want to achieve great results, you have to look at it as a numbers game. You may hold free consultations with 20 people to get three new clients or patients.

That’s why a program like this only makes sense for businesses with the organization and discipline to follow our sales script and sort out the good prospects from the not-so-good prospects.

A final key to our success with this campaign was keeping the cost of advertising low. Facebook Ads uses an algorithm that can influence the price you pay for results. We have a method to game the algorithm, leading to dramatic reductions in cost per lead. We often see 50% or even 70% more affordable leads by using our method.

One final note about this ad campaign is that it received very strong positive feedback, with many people recommending that their friends consider the offer.

Improving Results With Marketing Automation

Our #1 goal for every client is bottom line revenue results. To that end, we put in place an efficient, partially automated system to help the therapy clinic get in touch with their leads.

When parents sign up for the free consultation, we send them an automated text message with their name, asking them what time would be good for them to speak.

There are a few reasons why text messaging works so well. For one thing, 96 percent of text messages get opened. That’s way better than email open rates. For another thing, we format the message so that it looks like a human being is manually sending it, and that makes people feel comfortable responding.

Israel Functional Medicine Centers

Israel Functional Medicine Centers has a unique challenge in that the local marketplace is not educated or well-informed about functional medicine. To help the center grow its patient base, we had to get people interested in a field of medicine they hadn’t heard of before.

We addressed Israel Functional Medicine Centers’s needs by creating Facebook Ads that spoke to the frustrations of their target audience, and taught people in the audience about the benefits of functional medicine.

Our first campaign started in 2015 and returned instant results, much to the surprise of the client. Over time, we have updated the advertising campaigns to keep them fresh and target different sectors of the marketplace. We have generated well over 500 sales leads with relatively low budget campaigns.

Today, close to half of new patients seen by Israel Functional Medicine Centers come from our Facebook Ads.



Here’s what the client had to say about us in their own words:

“With Reputation Elevation, I have seen the number of new patients entering my business more than double. What really surprised me was how quickly the results started coming in… it took only a few days. I’ve been a chiropractor and holistic medicine practitioner for several decades, but nobody has managed to generate so much business for me in such a small amount of time. Reece provides great service and timely responses to all of my questions. I have been happy to refer my friends.”

– Dr. Ron Bekermus, Israel Functional Medicine Centers

Wealth Apex

In late 2016, we were approached by a financial advisory called Barefoot Retirement about our lead generation and marketing services.

Barefoot Retirement wanted help promoting alternative investment products suited to people who want more flexibility, liquidity, and safety than they find on Wall Street.

Eventually we helped the organization rebrand as Wealth Apex

In the year before coming to us, Barefoot Retirement generated around 150 sales leads with a combination of radio ads and very aggressive cold calling.

In contrast, here’s what our high performance campaigns looked like after one year of advertising, June 12, 2017 to June 12, 2018:

We generated a total of 1,258 leads during this time, or about nine-times more than the previous year.

This number could have been much higher, but the sales team had enough leads so we lowered our advertising budget.

The brand has since been renamed Wealth Apex and we look forward to continued success with Facebook Ads as we launch our first book and a new funnel.

NDD Therapy Clinic

One of our clients is a therapy clinic in Oklahoma City that helps children who have autism or ADHD.

For their campaign, we created Facebook Ads that promote a free consultation offer. When people click the ad, a form comes up pre-filled with that person’s name, email, and phone number. All they have to do is click the submit button, and that person is signed up for the offer.

Once we have the lead, we send them to a booking calendar where they can choose a time to speak with my client. We also add them to an email list with pre-written automated emails. Plus, we send the leads an automated text message asking them to get in touch with the client.

On the first day we spent $217.28 on paid Facebook Ads. The ads were shown to 7,452 separate people on Facebook. Of those 7,452 people, 32 signed up for a free consultation. That means our average cost to get someone to sign up for a sales call was $6.79 the first day, which is very cheap considering that this client generates an average of around $1,200 per patient. We then scaled down the advertising budget to $60 per day and got great numbers with that as well.

Purveyor of Boutique Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The subject of this case study sells high end extra virgin olive oil made in Israel.

The company has a great deal of content and some very effective videos, as well as a high-quality product with rave reviews. They had some successes using Facebook Ads to sell their product but couldn’t scale up their campaigns on their own.

One of the challenges for the project is the fact that boutique olive oils are more expensive than the variety you buy in the supermarket, and many people are resistant to paying the price of genuine, high quality extra virgin olive oil. A second challenge for the project is that recently 60 Minutes reported that some purveyors of high-quality extra virgin olive oil were actually diluting their product with inferior oils.

We helped the client identify suitable audiences, write new and better ads, and use social proof effectively to increase the number of sales it gets from Facebook Ads. We were able to create trust and distinguish the client’s 100% genuine product from the fakes out there. This has resulted in a measurable increase in sales, despite the challenges mentioned above.

India Kosher Travel

India Kosher Travel has carved out a very specific niche to operate its business in, as its name suggests. The upside of that niche is that they have little competition. The downside of that niche is that very few people even think to look for kosher tours of India- they don’t know that such tours exist and never think to Google it.

Additionally, such trips aren’t cheap. Only well-to-do individuals can afford them.

To address India Kosher Travel’s challenge, we targeted very specific audiences consisting of people interested in Jewish topics, and travel.

This approach yielded a cost per lead of only $6.70. India Kosher Travel saw a significant increase in the number of sales that it made.

Handler Insurance

Motti Handler was using a cold calling service to generate sales leads for his insurance business. He found that the leads were expensive and difficult to hunt down, even after they had agreed to an appointment.

One of the challenges we faced in promoting the client is that most people are skeptical of insurance agents and try to stay away from them. We overcame this problem by focusing in on a very specific niche market and speaking to their unique needs, fears, and frustrations.

We implemented a campaign that generated 40 leads in the first month, for around $250 in ad spend. The client quickly made sales and was delighted with the service.



Here’s what he had to say:

“Thank you, Reece, for your outstanding service.

I felt like a V.I.P client- you set up the campaign and then made sure to check up with me and make adjusments as we came along. During the first month I received over 40 leads, which were already interested in hearing what I have to offer, some have already become my clients; several are still in the process.

The number of not interested/ irrelevant leads was very low.”

Rehab Clinic

A rehab clinic in Mexico sought to enroll more patients. The clinic uses an alternative approach to rehab, and has many success stories. The clinic’s target market is typically middle class individuals who are addicted to prescription opiates like Suboxone or Methodone.

One challenge for the clinic is that Google Ads would not allow it to promote its treatment under the name of the medication that it uses to help addicts. Google Ads has strict regulations in the healthcare industry, and the clinic had despaired of using the platform to market itself.

Another problem for the clinic was that its website was very odd looking, its video testimonials were convoluted and plagued by poorly performed interjections by interviewers, and its target audience was skeptical that there could really be such a thing as getting off of opiate addictions without withdrawal.

We put together a multi-pronged strategy to deal with all of the challenges. First, we worked with a video editor to remove elements of the testimonial videos that were messed up by the staff, saving the valuable feedback of the patients and cutting out the rest. Second, we created a beautiful landing page to send traffic to, rather than the website, to create a positive first impression on prospects. This somewhat mitigated the problem of the odd looking website. Third, we created a campaign that touches on all of the benefits that patients want – namely to get rid of their addiction without suffering from withdrawal – without ever mentioning the name of the medication. This solved the problem of meeting Google Ads regulations.

While we were working on the Google Ads campaign, we also created a highly effective Facebook Ads campaign. We were able to target individuals who had interests in alternative approaches to rehab, as well as to substance abuse in general. We featured patient testimonials prominently in our ads, and had prospects fill out a form on Facebook rather than go to the odd website.

The client told us that his sales doubled in the first three months of the campaign and that he had never before received so many sales leads. He was able to move his clinic to a larger location. We’re happy to have helped the clinic grow, and to have helped people get treatment for their addictions that they may have never found otherwise.

Jewish Learning Experience at Washington University, St. Louis

The Jewish Learning Experience (JLE) is an organization that helps Jewish students connect with their heritage. The organization wanted to enroll students in a seminar that would last a few months and teach the basics of Jewish thought.

Jewish outreach is difficult because most Jewish students are mostly apathetic towards Judaism.

To get students interested in the program, we created an exciting video to appeal towards their existing interests in personal development and growth. We presented Jewish wisdom as a way to achieve preexisting goals. Then, we put the video into Facebook Ads and encouraged people to sign up for the program on an inviting, attractive landing page.

The campaign was very successful, and every seat in the seminar was taken.

The client later sent an email to a professional listserv telling his colleagues about the experience with us and encouraging them to try it out for themselves



Here’s what he wrote in the email:

“If you’re recruiting on campus is easy, great! If it is challenging, like it was for us at Wash U, I want to share with you a technique we are using this semester, we already have 32 students signed up for Maimo and the semester hasn’t even started. Reece Epstein from Reputation Elevation has built us a web page, a promo video and launched a Facebook marketing campaign to the likes that we have never seen before.”

– Rabbi Doron Lazarus

Motivational Speaker in Jerusalem

We were approached by another marketing company to promote their client with Facebook Ads. Their client was giving a workshop in Jerusalem about personal development and spirituality.

We helped in the creation of an effective landing page, and ran Facebook Ads promoting the page.

We were happy to hear that all 120 seats at the event location were taken, and the event had been a big success.

Egert and Cohen Insurance Agency

Egert and Cohen asked us to help them sell more travel insurance policies to people visiting Israel.

We found that a traditional Google Adwords approach would be costly and looked for other ways to promote their insurance offering.

Google has a feature called “remarketing,” which allows you to market to people based on what the searched for in the past, when they are on the websites of other publishers who sell ad space through Google’s Display Ad network.

Using this approach, we were able to help the insurance agency get a significant increase in travel insurance sales.

Route 38 Consulting

Route 38 is a payroll consulting company. They needed assistance generating new clients for their business. Route 38 was new in the marketplace and therefore basically unknown.

We focused on tax benefits that the company can provide to its clients, and offered people free consultations to review their taxes in connection to payroll issues.

The campaign was a success, and Route 38’s sales calendar was booked full after just two weeks of advertising. The client saw not only a large influx of sales leads through our opt-in process, but also a significant increase in brand recognition and word of mouth. Many people were referred to Route 38 by people who had seen the Facebook Ads.



Here’s what the client had to say about us in their own words:

“Reece was terrific in shaping our Facebook campaign. He is a great listener who quickly discerned our needs and framed our ad for maximum exposure and benefit within our preferred demographic. He was open to our suggestions and confident in his approach. Our ad generated very positive feedback and was very helpful in creating name recognition for our brand. Overall, Reece was very professional, quick to respond to our needs and delivered on his promises within the agreed upon timeframe.”

– Brian Swinkin, Route 38 Payroll Advisory Services

Branded Anti-Rust Product

Our client sells a product that provides rust protection to vehicles, boats, and just about anything else you can paint.

Rust-proofing products are not exactly the kind of things you would expect people to buy off of Facebook, and indeed, it was challenging to get new audiences to purchase.

However, we were able to generate hundreds of sales with retargeting, at a cost per conversion of $23.80 each (order values are typically $150-$300, so $23.80 per conversion is very good performance).

Case Study: $27,500 in Ticket Sales for Live Event with $1,551.38 in Facebook Ads

We were asked to promote an event tour that took place in six cities. The client had no existing ad account and wanted to work with a modest advertising budget.

The client sold tickets for $500 each, and the cost per sale of each ticket was only $27.70.

We started the project by creating ad concepts and video ideas for the client’s approval.

We created 4-6 ads per audience and customized ads to local areas. We also implemented advanced bidding strategies for best results. When we realized that there was a lot of competition for ad space amongst the audiences we were targeting, we set our bids extremely high to wipe out the competition and get the best impressions.

May29-June 4$1292.08162,9861,223.75%$1.0635$36.92
June 12-18$784.96183,627913.50%$0.8611$71.36
June 19-20$662.99137,461565.41%$1.173$221.00

    E- Commerce Fitness Course: 435% Return On Ad Spend

    We helped a client sell its online fitness course with ads that sent traffic direct to a sales page. The course costs $60 to purchase.

    Before we started working with the client, they were spending about $30-$40 on Facebook Ads to acquire a new customer. By the time we were finished, that number had decreased to just $15.94.

    As you can imagine, these results allowed us to scale the client up considerably.

    The client also had a variety of other products to upsell to its purchasers. Their email sequences encouraged customers to purchase additional products, such as recipe ebooks and diet information products.

    The total ad spend was $1,600, and we generated $6,961 in sales (including upsell products).

    We deployed videos of athletes engaged in extreme sports, which generated a high clickthrough rate. With solid creatives, our challenge became finding the right audiences to target.

    We worked with the client to select influencers in the fitness space in order to advertise to their audiences. All of our audiences had 2,000,000 or fewer people.

    By cycling a new video into the ads every 7 days, we were able to avoid ad fatigue and audience fatigue.

    We retargeted people on Facebook who watched at least 75% of a video with 3-day, 6-day, 9-day and 12-day sequences to nurture prospective customers. This approach was vital to achieving a high ROI.

    $5,000,000 in Expected Revenue with ~$25,000 in Facebook Ads for Franchise Business

    We were asked to generate leads for a franchise opportunity in Canada. Franchises are difficult to sell because they are expensive, requiring the buyer to devote money and change their careers.

    Nonetheless, we were able to help the client generate $5,000,000 total in current and expected future fees from new franchisees.

    One key to our campaign was delivering separate ads in separate cities. Viewers on Facebook would see that an opportunity was specifically open in their location.

    We advertised to a total of 25 locations, split between small towns and Quebec.

    But before we could advertise in each location specifically, we needed to identify which audiences would be most responsive to the offer. We obtained that data by testing different audiences across wider geographical territory, before splitting the campaign up by city/town.

    Our initial strategy was to get as many leads as possible. When this produced too many unqualified leads for the sales team, we added qualifying questions to the contact form such as “how much franchise experience do you have?” and “what is your liquid net worth?” in order to improve results.

    One challenge we had was high CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) because we were advertising to small audiences. Nonetheless, we were able to generate over 300 leads for the client.

    We developed four retargeting sequences to nurture our Facebook audiences so that they would inquire about the opportunity:

      • 4-day
      • 10-day
      • 21-day
      • 30-day

    Each retargeting ad promoted the franchise from a separate angle. For example, the 4-day retargeting sequence featured a happy franchise owner talking about his success. The 10-day retargeting sequence featured a second happy franchise owner going into more detail about the specific steps he took to make the business successful for him.

    Retargeting turned out to be essential to our efforts, as 80% of our leads only signed up after seeing more ads.

      Our cost per lead in Quebec was $188.98 and our cost per lead in small cities was $76.10.

        Small Town AdspendQuebec Adspend
        Ad Spend$21,764.88$3,212.67
        Thank You Franchise28617
        Cost per Thank You Franchise$76.10$188.98
        All Clickthrough Rate1.71%1.50%
        Cost Per Clicks.59.74

          Case Study: 2,988 Fitness Leads for $2.94 Each

          We were approached by a client who wanted to sell a 90-day fitness challenge for $97.

          $97 is a price that is usually too high to promote on Facebook to audiences who have never heard of you.

          For this reason, the client put together an e-book that people could download by giving us their email addresses. The e-book built credibility and trust, leading people to purchase the $97 offer.

          Our client is an influencer who has a large following on Instagram. She wanted to focus her advertising solely on that platform, but we found that Facebook generated better results.

          We tested 20 different audiences ranging in size from 2,000,000 to 20,000,000 people. We used exciting creatives to generate lots of social engagement on our ads (likes, shares, and comments).

          In the end we were able to get cost per lead down to $2.94, making the campaign a success for the client.

          240% Return on Advertising for International Women’s Fashion E-Commerce Business

          We were asked to help an e-commerce store sell women’s apparel during a holiday season.

          The task was particularly challenging because we only had 10 days of notice to build out the Facebook Ads account from scratch.

          In addition, the client’s website had built in limitations which made tracking implementation a challenge. We took care of this with custom tracking events based on separate URL’s.

          None of that stopped us from getting great results: we spent $7,000 on Facebook Ads and generated over $17,000 in revenue… a 240% return on ad spend. 220 orders were made from the website with an average order value of over $80.

          To launch the client, we tested around 12 audiences out of the gate based on lookalike audiences and interest-based targeting. We tried four ad creatives with each audience.

          We started by optimizing our ad sets for website traffic, instead of conversions, to quickly get the data we needed to start selling product. Once we had enough data, we switched to conversion optimization and watched the orders start pouring in.