What People Are Saying About Us

“Reece was terrific in shaping our Facebook campaign. He is a great listener who quickly discerned our needs and framed our ad for maximum exposure and benefit within our preferred demographic. He was open to our suggestions and confident in his approach. Our ad generated very positive feedback and was very helpful in creating name recognition for our brand. Overall, Reece was very professional, quick to respond to our needs and delivered on his promises within the agreed upon timeframe.”

– Brian Swinkin, Route 38 Payroll Advisory Services

“After many attempts to procure our marketing team, I was fortunate to hear about Reece Epstein of Reputation Elevation. He offers creative yet professional ideas, to help us promote our agency. He is always careful to work within our needs and our budget. His expertise in Facebook is extremely valuable. He expertly navigates and markets our services to the right audience. I would certainly recommend Reece and Reputation Elevation for their remarkable services.”

– Estee Rothstein, Golden Care Therapy

“Successful Ad campaigns all come down to how well or how poorly a Facebook Ad Specialist is able to target. Poor targeting results in wasted money while accurate targeting ensures that clients get the most out of their money. I noticed Reece’s targeting capabilities when one of his ads showed up on my feed that was so well suited to me that I took a screen shot of it. When I spoke to him in length about his targeting tactics I found that he had expended much time and effort into developing techniques that would ensure that his client’s money is well spent. If you are tired of funneling cash into ads or “ad specialists” that don’t produce results, I feel confident in saying that with Reece your money is in good hands.”

– Ayala Gordesky, JewishWorkshops.com


“With Reputation Elevation, I have seen the number of new patients entering my business more than double. What really surprised me was how quickly the results started coming in… it took only a few days. I’ve been a chiropractor and holistic medicine practitioner for several decades, but nobody has managed to generate so much business for me in such a small amount of time. Reece provides great service and timely responses to all of my questions. I have been happy to refer my friends.”

– Dr. Ron Bekermus, Israel Functional Medicine Centers


“Within 2 weeks of working with Reece and Reputation Elevation, we had 8 new patients walk through our door.”

 – Dr. Sammy Pyon, El Segundo Family Chiropractic


“I love this!”

– Brooklynn W., Financial Planner


“Thank you, Reece, for your outstanding service.

I felt like a V.I.P client- you set up the campaign and then made sure to check up with me and make adjusments as we came along. During the first month I received over 40 leads, which were already interested in hearing what I have to offer, some have already become my clients; several are still in the process.

The number of not interested/ irrelevant leads was very low.”

– Motti Handler, Handler Insurance


“Reputation Elevation quickly delivered exactly what they promised, and boy is it good! As a dentist, I can’t begin to tell you how many Internet marketers have tried to sell something to me. I know how frustrating it can feel to hear from yet another one. But Reputation Elevation is the real deal. None of the other people who approached me can match what Reece Epstein did for my business. Finally, an Internet marketer you can rely on. Way to go!”

– Peter Fry, DDS, Dentist


“Reputation Elevation delivers excellent ROI with their Facebook marketing campaigns.”

– Bruce L.,  Financial Planner


“What makes Reputation Elevation really stand out from the competition is its focus on innovation that gets results. They’re the obvious choice if the same-old-same-old Internet Marketing just hasn’t been giving you the results you want.”

– Lindsay Watt, Realtor, Las Vegas


“If you’re recruiting on campus is easy, great! If it is challenging, like it was for us at Wash U, I want to share with you a technique we are using this semester, we already have 32 students signed up for Maimo and the semester hasn’t even started. Reece Epstein from Reputation Elevation has built us a web page, a promo video and launched a Facebook marketing campaign to the likes that we have never seen before.”

– Rabbi Doron Lazarus, Campus Outreach Professional (Writing an email recommending us to hundreds of his colleagues) 


“Reece is a marketing consultant whom we can thoroughly recommend.”

– Raffy Kelaty, Kelaty Rugs (Europe’s biggest rug retailer)